Spring 2019

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Spring is here and at Farmote Systems there has been a great deal happening.

Richard – our founder and managing director – spent time in Australia recently to upgrade some of our trial Motes next to the upper Murray River on the border between NSW and Victoria. These Motes are being used not just to measure pasture, but will also provide an estimate of the amount of carbon being captured by the soil. The term ‘soil carbon sequestration’ is the process of carbon being stored in the soil. Increased soil carbon has a whole range of environmental benefits as well as helping boost production.  Yet another application for our technology. If you are keen to read further on this topic the Young Carbon Farmers website, an Australian organisation may be of interest: https://www.futurefarmers.com.au/young-carbon-farmers/carbon-farming/importance-of-carbon-in-the-soil

A key feature of our Farmote System is our ability to provide farmers with valuable data on pasture growth and dry matter measurements, every day, across the entire farm or milking platform. To enable us to do this, we are working with Planet Labs from the US, a relatively new company in San Francisco.  Planet Labs have many small satellites in space taking images of our earth daily, illustrating the changes that occur from a space view. They provide us with multi-spectral satellite images which we cross-reference with our Mote data to provide our daily pasture data – even on cloudy, grey days. There is a fascinating segment on CBS 60 minutes which further explains Planet Labs’ technology.  This link will take you to the segment: http://download.cbsnews.com/media/mpx/2019/01/27/1432738371891/0127_60min_Segment_Satellites_1768417_740.mp4

We are thrilled to have an article in the July edition of DairyNews titled ‘Taking the guesswork out of pasture monitoring’.  The Rural News author writes about how the Farmote System is an ‘intelligent’ system that has been designed to improve farming efficiency and profitability. Following discussions with Richard, the author gives a detailed overview of our system and how our Farmote System can provide data that up until now, hasn’t been available to farmers. You can read the full article here: https://bit.ly/2OrSmRG


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