Farmote is a smart and innovative pasture monitoring system that takes the guesswork out of pasture and grazing management.

By delivering precise above-and-below-ground data online, every day, it allows you to monitor your paddocks and make well-informed decisions when you need to, wherever you are. Easy.


Solar Powered




Easy To Install


Accurate Monitoring


Designed For Farm Use


Automatic Data Transfer

Right data.
Right decisions.
Right returns.

Right stuff.

Here’s what the Farmote system does

Making the right decisions at the right time is vital to the financial success of your farm. Farmote is an intelligent, farmer-friendly system that provides precise data about your pasture, allowing simple decision-making with no messing about. It employs the latest data transfer and laser technology to precisely measure the environmental and soil conditions, and the pasture profile in your paddocks.

Right approach.

Here’s how it works

The Farmote system provides daily measurements, displayed on our mobile-friendly web portal, to help you manage your pastures and grazing. This data is collected by robust devices called ‘Motes’ containing sensors that measure pasture profile, atmospheric conditions, and soil conditions. The Motes are solar-powered, strong and stock-proof, with the technology contained within a durable pole, mounted on a flexible spring. Install the Motes at select locations throughout your paddocks and let the Farmote system do the rest, leaving you to get on with the day-to-day running of your farm.

Right results.

Here’s how you’ll benefit

The Farmote system makes your farm more efficient and more effective. By helping you drive better performance it enables you to boost profitability. And by taking away the uncertainty and indecision it gives you peace of mind. With less time spent collecting data, you have more time to take care of everything else. Farmote Systems makes your job easier all round.

Our Team

Richard Barton

Founder & Managing Director

Richard is responsible for the physical form and function of our products. An engineer turned entrepreneur, he worked in the pharmaceutical machinery sector in the UK before returning to New Zealand to setup Farmote Systems. Richard has over fifteen years of experience in designing, prototyping and testing a wide range of healthcare, consumer, and industrial products as well as being the Engineering Director at ChargePoint Technology for 7 years.

Stuart Brown

Embedded Systems Technical Lead

Stuart boasts over twenty years of experience and is in charge of our product’s software. He has spent his career working in technical engineering roles across a range of different sectors around the world. Working as project leader, Stuart has a wealth of experience managing projects end-to-end from design through to delivery and subsequent support. He holds a Bachelors of Engineering from the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.

Ram Manthry

Web Application Technical Lead

Ram is a veteran developer and is in charge of the web application and database. Ram has over eight years of experience in programming and application development working at companies such as TradeMe and Xero where he was responsible for leading teams of developers to deliver cutting edge projects. Ram is a graduate of Auckland University of Technology and holds a Diploma in Computer and Information Systems.

Souless Yu

Quality & Supply Chain Manager

Souless brings with him nearly twenty years of experience in management systems and is responsible for supplier management and the company quality system. An engineering graduate from Harbin Institute of Technology, Souless has had extensive professional experience in both China and New Zealand. Before joining Farmote, Souless previously worked at Sony Mobile Communications and Windoware.

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