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Farmote is committed to ensuring compliance with the New Zealand Privacy Act 1993 and the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GPDR).

This Privacy Policy applies to anyone who visits the Farmote Website or uses Farmote’s Services. From time to time, Farmote may change this Privacy Policy and will post the changes on the Farmote Website. If You don’t agree with the changes to the Privacy Policy then You may not be able to fully use Farmote’s Website and Services.

    1. Farmote collects from You:
      1. Your Personal Information, including:
        1. Your Sensitive Information;
        2. Your name;
        3. Your contact information, including email address;
        4. other information relevant to surveys You participate in and/or offers You accept; and
        5. information about Your preferences and activities on the Farmote Website; and
      2. Personal Information (including Sensitive Information) about anyone else that You give to Farmote.
    2. When You disclose Your Personal Information to Farmote it must be accurate, complete, up-to-date and not misleading. If You give Farmote Personal information about someone else, then You must be authorised to do so and You must tell that person about this Privacy Policy.
    1. Farmote collects Your Personal Information only when needed and for lawful purposes connected with performing its functions or activities. You authorise the collection of Your Personal Information from Farmote when You:
      1. use Farmote Services on Your computer, mobile, tablet or any other electronic device;
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      4. enter into any Farmote competitions and/or promotions.
    2. Farmote may also collect Your Personal Information from publicly available sources or from Third Parties from time to time.
    1. You authorise Farmote to use Your Personal Information (and where necessary), to disclose Your Personal Information to Third Parties for the following Purposes:
      1. for the Purposes of providing You with the Farmote Services, including to:
        1. communicate with You, including to send promotional emails about new services, special offers, promotions or other information;
        2. provide Farmote Services to You;
        3. respond to Your queries regarding the Farmote Website or Services;
        4. verify Your identity when You create a user account with Farmote;
        5. administer Your account;
        6. provide You with a good user experience;
        7. develop new Services, features and/or Content; and
        8. keep You updated on things that are happening at Farmote;
      2. for internal record keeping purposes;
      3. to the extent necessary to perform the purposes specified in this Privacy Policy and to allow for the operation of Farmote’s business activities and functions;
      4. for any other purposes You authorise;
      5. for the purpose of Farmote selling all or most of Farmote’s assets; and
      6. to comply with Farmote’s Legal Obligations.
    2. You agree that Farmote may share Your Personal Information with Third Parties to fulfil business transactions for the purposes specified in this Privacy Policy (for example providing customer services, sending marketing communications, and providing maintenance services).
    • Farmote will hold Your Personal Information for as long as Your Personal Information is required for the Purposes and for as long as is necessary to comply with its Legal Obligations.
    • Farmote will use reasonable care to protect Your Personal Information from unauthorised access, use, modification, disclosure, and loss.
    • In order to provide You with the Farmote Services, Farmote may need to disclose and transfer Your Personal Information to Third Parties located in a different country from where You live. This may include countries located outside the European Economic Area (EEA).  If those countries do not have data protection laws comparable to the data protection laws of Your country of residence, then Farmote will take reasonable steps to ensure that Your Personal Information (including any Sensitive Information) is protected in those countries.
    1. Farmote is the data controller for personal data collected by it in the provision of its Services, support and assistance to You as the user. If Farmote uses personal data that has been collected by a Third Party it will process the information as a data processor on behalf of the Third Party that collected Your Personal Information.
    2. Request access to Your Personal Information: You have the right to request access to any Personal Information that Farmote holds about You, the right to know the source of Your Personal Information and the processing methods used by Farmote. If Farmote cannot give You access to the Personal Information that You have requested, then Farmote will let You know the legal reasons for not disclosing Your Personal Information.  If You are not happy with the legal reasons provided, then You have the right to complain to the New Zealand Privacy Commissioner:
    3. Request correction of Your Personal Information: You have the right to request correction of the Personal Information that Farmote holds about You. Farmote will correct Your Personal Information if it is necessarily to ensure that Your Personal Information is accurate, up to date, complete and not misleading.  If Farmote decides that it is unnecessary to correct Your Personal Information, Farmote will let You know the legal reasons for its decision.  If You are not happy with those reasons, then You have the right to complain to the New Zealand Privacy Commissioner:
    4. Request to restrict the use and processing of or delete Your Personal Information: You have the right to request that Farmote delete Your Personal Information when it is no longer needed for the Purposes, or withdraw your authorisation for Farmote to use Your Personal Information. You also have the right to restrict Your Personal Information from being processed in the event You consider Your rights and freedoms outweigh our legitimate interests in using Your Personal Information.
    5. Data portability: You have the right to request that Farmote transfer Your Personal Information from one electronic processing system to another electronic processing system. 
    • Farmote does not knowingly collect Personal Information from children (as defined by local laws) and does not target its Website and/or Services towards children.
    1. If You decide not to give Farmote Your Personal Information, or otherwise wish to withdraw your authorisation at any time, then You:
      1. may not be able to use some of the Farmote Website and Services;
      2. won’t be kept updated on things that are happening at Farmote.
    1. A cookie is a small file that can be placed on Your computer, mobile, tablet or any other electronic device when You visit the Farmote Website. Cookies allow the Website to recognise Your device. Farmote may use cookies in order to make it easier to use the Farmote Website and to help Farmote to analyse the profile of visitors and users in order to improve usability and features of the Farmote Website and Services. 
    2. There are two types of cookies used by Farmote:
      1. Session cookies. These are used to store information about Your activities so You can move from one webpage to another. These cookies track Your movement from webpage to webpage of a website so that You do not have to provide the same information provided on earlier webpages. Session cookies only remain in the cookie file of Your browser until You close the browser.
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Farmote means Farmote Limited, trading as Farmote Systems, a limited liability company incorporated under the laws of New Zealand;

Farmote Services:  means any products, services, software, Content, features, functionalities and any other services provided to You via the Farmote Website;

Farmote Website means the website (or websites) located at and operated by Farmote from time to time;

Content means all content delivered via the Farmote Website and Services including all text, software, scripts, graphics, photos, sounds, music, videos, audio-visual works or combinations of works, live streaming, interactive features and other materials;

including means “including without limitation”;

Legal Obligations means any legal or regulatory obligation that Farmote has under the laws of any relevant any country in relation to the collection, use, disclosure, storage or processing of Your Personal Information;

Personal Information means any information that can be used to directly or indirectly identify an individual, and includes Sensitive Information, and references to “Your Personal Information” also includes any Personal Information that You provide to Farmote about someone else;

Purposes means the purposes for which Your Personal Information is used and disclosed as specified in this Farmote Privacy Policy;

Sensitive Information means information about Your racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade-union membership, health or sexual orientation;

Third Parties means any person, company, body corporate, entity, governmental or regulatory authority in any country;

You means you as an individual and Your has a corresponding meaning.

Pre-Order Terms and Conditions

These Pre-Order Terms and Conditions (Terms) govern the placing of pre-orders (Pre-Order) with Farmote Limited, trading as Farmote Systems (we, us, or Farmote) for our pasture monitoring system (Product).

Please read these Terms carefully before submitting your Pre-Order. By submitting your Pre-Order, you agree to be legally bound by these terms.

  1. Pre-Ordering
    1. When placing a Pre-Order for Product you will be required to provide certain information, such as your address and billing information. You represent and warrant that all such information is accurate, and you shall ensure that such information is kept current. Farmote shall have no responsibility or liability for inaccurate information or information that later becomes outdated and shall have no obligation to make efforts to determine the correct contact or shipping information. You can update your information at any time prior to your product being shipped by sending an e-mail to
    2. You acknowledge and agree that Farmote may decline or delay Pre-Orders to avoid oversubscription or as it deems appropriate, provided that we will make efforts to inform you within two (2) weeks of our receipt of your Pre-Order, and that you will be entitled to a full refund of the Deposit you have paid.
  2. Payment of Deposit
    1. You will be charged a deposit (Deposit) equivalent to the first month’s subscription fees for the Product you have Pre-Ordered at the time of placing the Pre-Order. We will confirm this amount to you when you place your Pre-Order. We reserve the right to adjust or vary the Deposit amount if necessary.
    2. Methods of payment accepted are direct bank transfers and credit card.
    3. Your placing of a Pre-Order constitutes your express agreement to Farmote of charging the full Price of the Products at the time provided for in these Terms, subject to the right of cancellation in clause 6 below.
  3. Priority
    • Farmote will build Products according to the order in which the Pre-Order is received or in such other order as deemed appropriate by us as being necessary. This position does not imply receiving a particular number associated with your Products. If you cancel or forfeit your Pre-Order in accordance with these Terms, then your position will be taken by the next person on the Pre-Order list. Notwithstanding the foregoing, you acknowledge and agree that we may need to build and use Products for a variety of purposes, such as in-house and third-party testing, evaluation, and display prior to fulfilling Pre-Orders.
  4. Delivery and Installation
    • Although we will make efforts to begin delivering and installing your Products as soon as reasonably practicable, you understand and agree that there may be delays. An estimated time of delivery is only an estimate, is subject to change, and Farmote does not represent or warrant that it will be able to deliver and install the Product by the estimated date.  As a result, in the event that a delay arises and the estimated delivery, installation and/or release of the Product is not met, Farmote is not responsible for any damages that may occur due to the delay, nor shall it be obligated, except as set forth in these Terms, to provide any discounts, refunds or credits due to any such delays. We will provide you periodical updates with respect to such delivery and installation schedule. If for any reason you decide that you do not wish to continue to wait for your Product, you may cancel your Pre-Order as provided for in clause 6 below.
  5. Price and Offer
    1. The full purchase price (Price) for the Product you have Pre-Ordered will be confirmed to you by us in writing prior to delivery and installation and will be payable by you on delivery and installation.
    2. If we have confirmed and accepted your Pre-Order and you have paid the Deposit then the second and third month of your subscription for the Product will be free of charge. Your account set up and the installation of the Product will also be provided free of charge.
    3. The Price does not include GST, taxes and any other government charges, which are your responsibility.
  6. Cancellation and Refund of Deposit
    • You or Farmote may cancel or terminate your Pre-Order by giving notice at any time for any or no reason prior to our notice to you that your Product is ready for delivery and installation. If you do so prior to our notice of delivery, you will obtain a refund of the Deposit you have paid without interest. If Farmote cancels your reservation you will receive a full refund of the Deposit without interest (and you will not pay any processing fee).
  7. Limitation of Liability
    1. Under no circumstances will Farmote be held liable for any incidental, special or consequential damages arising out or related to these Terms. In the event Farmote is held liable for any damages arising out or related to these Terms, your sole and exclusive remedy will be the full refund of your purchase price without interest.
    2. These limitations are subject to and do not limit any rights and remedies you may have under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 or the Fair Trading Act 1986.
  8. Terms and Conditions of Sale
    • The purchase of the Products is subject to additional terms and conditions that will be provided to you by Farmote prior to our notice to you that your Product is ready for delivery, including in respect of any software included in the Products or intellectual property embodied in the Products or data collected by the Products. Your purchase of the Product will be subject to these terms and conditions and the refund policy.
  9. Age and Residency
    • You acknowledge that you are at least 18 years old, are a resident of New Zealand, and will take delivery of your Product in New Zealand.
  10. Customer Information
    • We will use any information that we may collect about you only in accordance with our privacy policy that is available on our website.
  11. Prototype Acknowledgement and Disclaimer
    • Farmote gives no warranty, express or implied, with respect to the prototype product displayed by Farmote whether before or after you have placed your Pre-Order. You understand and agree that the product, its design and technical features are currently under development and that the product that may be available for purchase by you may be materially differently from the prototype product. If for any reason you are unhappy with the final version of the Product, your sole and exclusive remedy will be to cancel your Pre-Order as described in clause 6 above.
  12. Changes to the Terms
    • Farmote reserves the right to change any of these terms for any or no reason. We will provide notice of any material changes and, if you are unhappy with such changes, your sole and exclusive remedy will be to cancel your Pre-Order as described in clause 6 above.
  13. Miscellaneous Provisions
    1. These Terms constitute the entire agreement between the parties pertaining to its subject matter and it supersedes all prior agreements, representations and understandings of the parties.
    2. These Terms shall be governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of New Zealand and any claim made by either party against the other which in any way arises out of these Terms will be heard in New Zealand and you agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of New Zealand.
    3. You may not assign this agreement or any of the rights granted to you hereunder.
    4. If any part of these Terms is unenforceable (including any provision excluding or limiting our liability) the enforceability of the remainder of these Terms will not be affected.

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